Free hosting guides

Hayden NG

I was thinking about free hosts, Thinking about the limits, Then someone followed my on instagram (, It was a free hosting company (, I thought, free, but there will be inodes, or something. I signed up, Within about an hour, I got an email with my login details and, Well I'm not writing these guides for no reason, I was impressed. It was everything startup's need, And I have created these guides to help other people.

Looking for some guides?

  • Wordpress install guide - here
  • Create your addon domain - here

What I look for In a host:

  • Good uptime (90%+)
  • Proffesional service Cpanel
  • Script install with softaculous
  • Easy to use GUI/Lots of tools

These are what I would call the 'bare requirements', They are what make signing up worth it, and they help me have a good experience, and these where fufilled with UnlimitedWebSpace


I know what your thinking, another free host, yeah, we get it, old cpanel, weird hidden limits, but I say no, For example, Take a look at the control panel;

(View the image above in larger form here)

For anyone who knows more about control panel/cpanel, they will know that the image above is the latest version of cpanel! And for a cherry on the cake, It includes;

  • SEO and Marketing tools, To get your website in Google & Other search engines.
  • Free & Unlimited email accounts & forwarders, Built in!
  • Unlimited addon domains & subdomains.
  • Easy DNS zone management (Don't worry If you don't know how that works, Most things are prepared in advance for you!)
  • Built-in logging systems & visitor metrics
  • Unlimited free SSL, To make your site extra secure (No configuring is required!)
  • Softaculous one-click script installer, With wordpress & many more popular scripts!

And for the people who are more tech-savy and who love to program, the following are also on offer;

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Node.js
  • PHP.ini config file editor
  • Pre installed HTTP/version2
  • Speedy LiteSpeed webservers, This page is running of UnlimitedWebSpace!

However, A website isn't good without content, and to add content, you have an unlimited amount of FTP user accounts, And you can restrict each one with their own individual quota, perfect for a team!

How to install WordPress

WordPress is, No doubt, One of the strongest CMS' (Content Management Systems) out there, it is jammed with features, and works just right on this host! During this demonstration, I will be using the following information;

  • Domain name is
  • Webroot is / (To install on folder root)
  • Admin username is admin
  • Admin password is pass
  1. First, Go to your control panel and scroll down to 'Softaculous', As illustrated below, Then click on it, you should be brought to a large page.
  2. On the left hand corner, Click [Blogs] then find wordpress, click on it and you will be brought to a page like so.
  3. Click on the 'Install Now' Button, and fill in your site details, (In the site domain section, I recommend using https:// as it is way more secure)
  4. And that's it, Enjoy your new wordpress installation! It is speedy & has excellent uptime!

I wrote a more detailed article here

Add your domain name

What's Now? I know, An addon domain, The cpanel documentation is very empty, and doesn't give any explanation, So I will.

  1. First, Go to your cPanel and find the 'Addon Domains' Section, and fill in the 'Domain' 'Subdomain' and 'Document Root', I will explain to you what these are;
    • An addon domain, The domain section is what you want to addon, It should be like;, It can be a subdomain of a domain, And can be a free domain (FreeNom or
    • The subdomain, This is an alternate way to access your domain, It generally should be left the same, Unless you have a reason to change it
    • The document root, This is where the files for the domain will be located, Generally it should be left the same.
  2. The next stage is to point your domain to our nameservers, These are and, Point your domain to these nameservers, If you don't know how to do this, Drop me a message, to
  3. Click the submit button! And that's it, Note that It can take up to 20Minutes for your SSL certificate to be assigned & It can take up to 72 hours for your domain to be visible everywhere.
  4. Note: If you click the 'Submit' button before changing your nameservers, the SSL certificate will not be issued, ensure your nameservers are changed by using the tool below;

There you have it, Your own domain name! Linked to your free cPanel hosting!